1. It's Pat

    This is my place to write about experiences in web and mobile development, specifically around hacking together projects.

    I currently have a few things in the works:

    💃 Rent the Runway (Full-time employment)

    1. Ruby (Sinatra) & Client-Side development (React, SCSS)
    2. focussed on Mobile activation and conversion

    👰 👪 Family life (Full-time)

    1. a wife, three kids, and a cat

    SPORT iD: the Player Safety app (Nights & Weekends)

    1. a mobile application & platform for adding a layer of safety to youth sports
    2. Hybrid web app, built on the Ionic Framework (AngularJS)
    3. API built with Ruby on Rails, with MySQL database
    4. migrated from a WordPress beta

    🍺 Brewline (Whenever I can)

    1. Can Release management software for startup craft brewers

    🏈 Freelancer for the fantasy football site Reality Sports Online (as NFL season approaches)

    1. originally built as a web-scraper and a bare-bones mobile (hybrid) app, now interfaces with the official API